Larry has recorded five full-length studio albums. You can listen/purchase the music at Bandcamp by clicking on the titles. You can also purchase any of these recordings by contacting us.

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“No Complain” (2015)

Larry Schroeck-vocals, acoustic guitars (standard, baritone, high-string, archtop), banjo, keyboards, harmonica, string instruments Bodhisattva-dog barks

Produced by Larry Schroeck. Recorded at Pond Farm Records Studios, Kittery, ME. Mixed at Pond Farm Records Studios; Thundering Sky, South Berwick, ME. Mastered at Airshow, Tacoma Park, MD by Randy LeRoy.

“The Good Life”(2008)

Larry Schroeck-vocals, guitars, piano, banjo, whistles, percussion, glockenspiel Kent Allyn-bass, Tom Dean, Rushad Eggleston-cello, Bob Halprin-guitar, Lincoln Meyers-guitar, Joe Rogers-drums, percussion, and Bruce Stelter-mandolin

Produced by Larry Schroeck. Recorded & mixed at Pond Farm Records Studios, Kittery, ME. Mastered at M-Works, Cambridge, MA by Jonathan Weiner

“Listen” (2004)

Larry Schroeck-vocals, acoustic guitar, banjo, harmonica Joyce Anderson-fiddle, vocals Tom Dean-acoustic guitar, electric guitar, bass, percussion, keyboards, vocals Ron Bouffard-drums Scott Elliot-bass Duke Levine-electric guitars, mandola

Produced by Tom Dean. Recorded at Top of the Hill, Eaton, NH; The Studio, Portland, ME. Mastered by M-Works, Cambridge, MA

“Big Surprise” (2000)

Larry Schroeck-vocals, guitars, harmonica, cello, percussion
Joyce Anderson-violin
Kevin Auger-bass
Chris Elliot-trumpet
Gary Filgate-banjo
Bob Halprin-national guitar
Katharine Howard-BGVs

Produced by Larry Schroeck. Recorded & mixed at Pond Farm Records Studios, Newcastle, NH; The Rec Room, Lee, NH. Mastered at Thundering Sky, South Berwick, ME by Chris Magruder.